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Our mission at Wilson Christian Academy is rooted in and derived from our values. We aim to provide services that are safe and secure, providing our parents with an excellent nurturing environment, with a Christian atmosphere, where their children can be taken care of. We are committed to providing quality early childhood care and education. We gladly accept and welcome children and families of all faith and backgrounds. Our goal is to nurture the whole child physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Our children are our future and tomorrow’s leaders. Our staff is professionally trained in early childhood learning.  

Our Values

Service: Parents look for providers with programs they can trust to deliver quality care to their children. We will continue in our efforts to ensure and continuously improve our services to meet the needs of the children and families we service.

Dignity and worth: Here at Wilson Christian Academy we all share a responsibility to support and nurture the children’s and our own natural desire to be lifelong learners. We put ourselves and our learning on the same level as the child’s and commit to our own professional development and personal growth. We learn alongside our children and their families. We embrace the opportunity to learn and grow each day with our families.

Integrity: Our academy operates on maintaining respectful relationships.  The quality of the care we provide is measured by the quality of our relationships we have with our children, families, employees, and community. We are committed to ensuring respectful, honest, open and caring relationships always.

Competence: We are committed to financial prudence and sustainability. When we make decisions at all time we take into consideration the overall financial health of business in order to meet our goals and objectives. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is professional and according to all business practices that are legal and ethical.


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   Hours of operation

SUN: 10:30 AM- 10:30 PM

MON: 6:30 AM- 10:30 PM

TUES: 6:30 AM-10:30 PM

WED: 6:30 AM-1O:30 PM

THURS: 6:30 AM- 10:30 PM

FRI: 6:30AM-10:30 PM

SAT:7:30am- 10:30 PM


     Closing holidays

New Year's Day


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day (open)

Columbus Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day ( the day before and  after)




Surveillance Cameras 

    All classrooms

All hallways




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