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           Our Goal

Our goal is to nurture the whole child physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Our children are our future and tomorrow’s leaders. Our staff are professionally trained in early childhood learning. Wilson Christian Academy aims to provides a secure environment for children during the most important time of their development. We offers a home away from home, providing children with “siblings” of all ages, to play, socialize, and learn from. Our goal in providing quality child care for your child is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in a Christian atmosphere.

We aim to foster unconditional love… this kind of love is very important to our family because children should not grow up feeling that in order to be loved and cared for they must meet numerous conditions.

Communication is key to a successful child care arrangement. The parent and provider need to have a good working relationship so they can communicate and work together. Parent and provider need to exchange pertinent information in the child’s life such as changes in routine, special events, or activities, as well as changes such as death, divorce, separation, moving, visitors, etc. All this information can be important in understanding the child’s feelings, behavior, and well being.

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