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Our Staff

Wilson Christian Academy's staff is professionally trained in early childhood learning.   All of our staff  are required obtain 24 clock hours of pre-service training before caring for our children. Aside from the pre-service training our staff are also required to maintain 36 clock hours of annual training, yearly.  Our staff is also trained in CPR and first-aid. The Academy pays for all staff training.  Wilson Christian Academy provide incentives and free and reduced child care to our employees. We insure that we attract and train the best employees. This is especially important because it is the employees that interact with both the children and our parents. 


  Background & Qualifications

Wilson Christian Academy is owned by a husband a wife team, Paul and Diane Wilson. Paul serves as the CEO , where he oversees the overall operations of the Center.  Diane serves as the Director. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Social Work degree.  Diane has over 25 years of back background within the industry, having spent years working in the school system.  Working to support instruction and social development of the students.  She worked with students in small and large groups in math and reading skills, prepared and executed school/classroom programs, implemented programs and instructional materials under the guidance of the class teacher, effectively worked with special-needs pupils in cooperation with relevant specialists, assisted socially and emotionally challenged children in developing skills. As a generalist social worker Diane has worked with individual with intellectual disabilities as well as a Family Specialist and Investigator with Child Protective Services for the past 10 years of her career.  

While working with intellectual disabled individuals; she worked as part of team to ensure proper care of intellectual disable individuals, ensured safety and the overall well-being of all clients, recorded and documented clients' information in daily progress notes, utilized strong assessment skills to determine necessary client care and assisted with daily function, advocated for the rights of the residents, scheduled community outings, doctor appointments, located community resources, evaluated resident goals, one on one with residents, monitored behavior charts, shopped with residents and met with caregivers to discuss care plans.

 As a Family Protection Specialist; Diane advocated for children and their families, assessed for abuse and neglect of children 0-18, worked with families to prevent children from being removed from their homes.  Identified community resources to assist families, made referrals for children and family members with mental health issues, behavior problems, counseling, and therapy,  what was in the best interest of the child, wrote affidavits for the removal of children that were abused and neglected, worked with law enforcement including jail and prison officials, attorneys, DAs, and Judges for the safety of children, what was in the best interest of the child, located families in and out of state for child placement, located absent parents, helped families to identify their strengths and weakness, and encouraged families to set reasonable and attainable goals, long and short term.

As an Investigator Diane responded quickly in crisis situations that involved children in an abusive or neglectful situation. Sometimes these situations were dangerous, investigated reports of child abuse or neglect, and took the necessary steps to protect the children. This sometime involved removing a child from their family, checked children for signs of abuse or neglect. This sometimes involved serious injuries, conducted forensic investigations and assessments to determine risk of harm to children, interviewed people, such as the person who reported it, family members, doctors, nurses, and others familiar with the family's situation, talked frankly and objectively with families about personal and private matters, such as income, sexual abuse, and personal relationships, maintained a balance of objectivity and empathy for families in stressful and crisis situations, documented all relevant information and completed all required forms, testified in court, respected cultural diversity among families, coworkers and all work-related contacts and prioritized deadlines and worked flexible hours.  Throughout Diane’s career she has been recognized for her contribution to the populations she has worked with.

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